martedì 12 giugno 2012


If I were to describe the woman of this new collection by Gaetano Navarra, what would you use?
Bold, fair, dynamic and as always feminine. A collection of sports, based on hi-tech but with the female form in a male world.
If I had to pick a song to use as a soundtrack of your life, what would it be?

A singer who is almost a faith. Loredana Berte always.
You've dressed many celebrities and artists which of those people who have not yet dressed, would you like to dress?
We say that in principle I dress for women, which fully reflect the style of the brand with their beauty and personality without end, a precise allure.
You have worked with the greatest Top Model ever existed on the face of the globe, if you had to pick only three, which would you choose?
Oh God, only three?! Linda (Evangelista) Jasmin (Gauri) and Marpessa, still my dearest friend. I also have a reverence for Veruscka who worked for us in 1995.

Your biggest inspiration?

I have not much to be desired, I love my job and I love my life, I aspired to that. Now I have just to live my life with the same enthusiasm I had in the first year I was doing this job, along with the people I love.

Ph: Alessandro Villa

What is fashionable today and what do you mean by luxury?

Today luxury in fashion is to choose what you want. The work of the designer is very traditional. The designer creates, the industry copy.
I guess for you every moment, an object, a situation, can be an inspiration, there are days where you say: I now think of me! ? How you spend your free time? What do you do? Like reading, listening to music ..?

Honestly, I hardly put me in a position to cuddle, because to me it means very little, all those situations where I create an intimacy to the limit of familiarity: a good glass of wine with dear friends . I love reading, especially biographies and Jewish Culture ... and then the Bertè! Do not forget the Bertè! (Loredana)

A regret, a memory, an emotion?
Everything I did, the choices, the mistakes, I made it with  ​​the most lucid consciousness to know why and what to expect, I regret nothing. A memory, my first fashion show, I can not remember a time so happy and exciting. An emotion, a smile of my grandmother.

Ph: Alessandro Villa
Ph: Alessandro Villa

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